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June 1, 2012

Vision (June)

A woman walks into an optometrist’s office and asks to return a brand new pair of glasses that she purchased just a week ago for her husband.  The optometrist asks what the problem was with the glasses.  “Did they not fit?  Did he not like the style of frame?”  The wife says, “No they were fine; they just did not work.”  “I assure you that the prescription was exactly according to specifications,” he replies.  The wife retorts, “Then why is he still not seeing things my way?”

Vision is a beautiful and valuable gift from God to cherish.  It allows us to see our loved ones and the lovely Creation that is beyond words.  As we walk, vision allows us to see what is ahead of us and to prepare for it before we reach it.  If a branch is in the way, we can duck.  If a log covers the path, we can step over it.  If a person is walking towards us, we can wave hi.

It is pretty intuitive to understand what vision is for an individual.  But what does it mean for the body of Christ to have vision?

In many ways, for the body of Christ to have vision is similar to a person having vision.  We as a community can see what is ahead.  We know what God wants us to be, and we can walk towards it, seeing any obstacles in the way and overcoming them.  But what happens when the body of Christ lacks vision?

The Bible often talks about vision.  Explicitly in Proverbs 29:18, we read, “Where there is no vision, the people perish (KJV).”  This is a scary prospect for a community, for a country, for a church.  It should make any group of individuals pause and assess their vision as a community.

What is our vision of Mount Hermon Baptist Church?  Where is God calling us to go in the next five years?  Who is God calling us to be?  These are questions that we have been asking, especially the deacons these last six months.  These are questions that we hope we can consider.  This month I ask the people of Mount Hermon to pray as we enter a season of discovering God’s will for us.  And my prayer is that we all, glasses or no glasses, may see things God’s way.

Pastor Rich