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August 1, 2012

The Big Picture (August)

Once upon a time a man was walking along and came across a few bricklayers at work.  The man asked the first bricklayer, “What are you doing?”  “I am laying bricks.” replied the first bricklayer.  And the man walked on.

Then the man approached a second bricklayer at work.  “What are you doing?” asked the man.  “I am building a wall.” replied the bricklayer.  And so the man walked on.

Finally, the man approached a third bricklayer at work.  “What are you doing?” asked the man.  The bricklayer answered, “I am building a cathedral!”

“What are you doing?”  This is a question we must ask ourselves at Mount Hermon.  So easily we can become like the first bricklayer, adding brick to brick, forgetting why we are doing, forgetting the big picture, the grand vision our Lord gave us to make disciples.  Worse yet, the first bricklayer is at risk of losing motivation to even lay bricks without the propelling power of a vision.

Our vision at Mount Hermon is to make disciples for Jesus Christ.  Every little thing we do, every brick we lay, should be towards that purpose.  If laying the next brick does not help make disciples, then do not lay that brick.  There is much in this world that can distract us from our vision of making disciples.  There is busyness, there is laziness, there is fear, there are powers in this world that struggle for our time and against Christ.  The faithful disciple of Jesus Christ keeps her/his eye on the vision of making disciples.

Be that third bricklayer who though he was laying down brick upon brick knew that he was building a cathedral.  Mount Hermon is about making disciples.  Remind your brothers and sisters.  Encourage your brothers and sisters who have forgotten.  Bring them along to make disciples together!

Your fellow bricklayer in Christ,

Pastor Rich

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