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September 1, 2012

Year in Review (September)

Dear Mount Hermon Baptist Church,

This month we celebrate our 164th year as a church.  We have a rich history, and this past year has only made it richer.  Often we can forget what God has done in our midst.  Like the Hebrews to whom God reminded through Scripture, we need reminding that God is guiding us and doing great things in us and through us.  Let’s look back together at these last twelve months.

Only a year ago did we transform the Parsonage into an intentional community house for Duke Divinity students.  The three students blessed the church as much as the church blessed them.  We are excited to welcome four students this year and eager to be a part of their lives as they are a part of our lives.

In October, we hosted the Gigantic Singspiration 2, a musical extravaganza that brought half a dozen churches together for music and fun.  We hope this coming year to cultivate our relationships with these and other churches in our area.  One of these churches, Immanuel Baptist Church, participated in a pulpit swap with us, so that our pastors could get to know and be known by the other congregation.  We pray for future collaboration!

Easter was an especially memorable day.  We celebrated the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead.  We also celebrated Stacy Lee, Hunter Cox, Peewee Dillard’s decision to follow Christ in baptism.  Each had a story to tell of how Christ had sustained them and brought them to new life.

Our relationship with the Durham Rescue Mission grew as well.  We traveled that and volunteer a few times.  Their Women’s Victory Choir also visited us on a Sunday morning and blessed us with music, testimonies, and stories of how God is transforming lives and the city of Durham through them.

We experienced construction outside with the county lowering Old NC 10.  Mount Hermon looks all the more as if it is on a mountain!  But more importantly, we have seen construction inside as people have made decisions to follow Jesus all the more faithfully.  Our new vision of sprout.grow.bearfruit will focus our efforts and challenge us personally to listen to what more God is calling you to be.

We have lost beloved brothers and sisters this year, and we will never forget them.  And we will certainly be reunited with them when Christ returns, and the dead in Christ are resurrected.  And may our Homecoming service be a reminder that the true Homecoming is coming soon, and we are looking forward in eager anticipation.

Until then, Christ calls us to follow him faithfully as witnesses in this world.  We look forward to the coming year as God continues to move in our church, and as others join this movement.  We look forward to our Mission Trip to Guatemala in October.  We look forward to reaching out to the students at Duke.  We look forward to understanding more about what it means to be committed to one another in the love of Christ and testifying to the Kingdom of God in a world looking for answers.

And if the Lord tarries, may God continue to bless this church so that we can be a blessing to others.

Your brother in Christ,

Pastor Rich