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July 1, 2013

Walking With Jesus (July)

There is a desperate need today in most churches.  It is not a need for more intelligent people, or talented people, or dedicated people, or well-resourced people.  Our desperate need is for deeper people.  People about whom we can say, “I feel like I have been with Jesus.”  People whose faces shine like Moses’ face in Exodus 34 because he had communed with God.  People who don’t just talk the Christian talk but walk the Christian walk.  And what is this walk?  It is walking with Jesus.

We cannot be fooled that there is a substitute for walking with Jesus.  In our consumerist society, everything can be had for a price.  If we want a meal, we can pay a restaurant to cook for us.  If we want a nice yard, we can pay a company to groom it.  If we want to go somewhere, we can pay a taxi-driver to get us there.  But when it comes to Christian holiness, no one can walk that path for you.  You must walk it with Jesus.

Not that people have tried.  The Hebrew people asked Moses to meet with God in their place (Exodus 20:19).  And not that people have tried to attain holiness in and through themselves instead of walking with Jesus.  There is a great misconception that will power can overcome the sins, addictions, and other obstacles in our lives.  We hear people talk about a great athlete “willing” his team to victory, though the victory has little to do with the will of one man.

Moreover, the Christian who tries to will his/herself to become holy quickly finds that life is overwhelming, frustrating, and joyless.  Holiness cannot be found from within.  We must look to Jesus and walk the path to which he invites us.  This is a path that begins today.  It begins wherever you are, whatever you are doing.

I sincerely believe that much of the stress and frustration many Christians experience is because we do not take time to meet with God daily.  We do not re-center our lives around God, and so we go into the world with rushed minds and unsettled souls.  What are your daily habits with God?  Do you have a time you give to God every day?  Is there a special place you go to spend time with God?  If you don’t, wait no longer.  Choose a time and place.  Tell someone.  Ask them to help you begin this new discipline in your life.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus turned to his disciples and said, “Follow me.”  Today, Jesus turns to you and says, “Follow me.”  Let us respond to his call.  Let us begin to mold our lives around his life.  And soon we will find that the life we have all longed for is given freely by his grace.  Let us walk with Jesus.

In Christ,

Pastor Rich