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September 1, 2013

Constitutional Changes (September)

Mount Hermon members,

We learn from Hebrews that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Praise God for this beautiful truth! And it is a power truth since we discover that most everything else in this world does change. Change can be unsettling and scary, but we know we can always look to Jesus in the midst of the change all around us.

When we forget to look to Jesus, our tendency is to find something we treasure and fight against its change, to make it our stable foundation in our lives. We look back to a “Golden Era” and think if we could only go back to the way things used to be, then life would be good again. Or we long for a season of our lives that has come and gone. It is not only unhealthy but impossible to grasp the past. God has called us to live for today and walk with Jesus into the future.

When we consider our beautiful church, its rich past, memories that run the gamut of emotion, we find a church that has indeed changed from generation to generations. Some generations led the change to better proclaim the Kingdom of God in this world. Today it is our turn to move our church into today and prepare it for future generations.

The first churches were small churches. Mount Hermon has found herself having moved from a large church to a small church this last decade. When the New Testament was written, it was written to small churches like us! There are great advantages in being a small church. We can be nimble in our ministry. We possess a level of intimacy hard to match in larger churches. And we do not need much manpower to administratively run the church. We, however, are still operating like a larger church, with a large and slow-moving administration structure.

For this reason, the nominating committee, the constitution committee, and I have been working together to amend the constitution so that we can leverage the great advantages we can have as a small church. In summary, this is what we are proposing to change:

1) Combining committees and eliminating those we don’t need

2) Creating teams especially for Discipleship and Outreach to focus our work

3) Involving our Sunday School classes more in the work of the church

Outside the Pastor’s Study are the constitutional changes in detail and copies to take with you. I encourage you to read through it. Also, on September 1, we are having a conversation about the changes where we can ask and answer questions together. Please come and participate so that when we come together to vote the following business meeting, we will be informed and prepared.

The process of amending our constitution is a labor of love and as much a part of our ministry as Bible studies and outreaches. For it prepares us to proclaim the great message of Jesus to the world. He is the only foundation upon which we can rest our lives, yesterday, today, and forever.

In Christ,

Pastor Rich